Thanks for your interest in the Edison Creators program. Here you can sign in to become part of this program and download the Edison (software-only version), which has the same feature set you can find in Edison PRO. Below you will also find links to free assets, tutorials and the Users Forum for support.

By clicking the Sign up button you will be included in the Edison Creators program and receive a confirmation email with your unique license for your Edison software and the link to download it.

Before you start, make sure you follow the setup and installation instructions in this video.

Intel Core i7 o i5 4 core 8th generation | AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 3xxx or 4xxx
NVIDIA geforce 1050 or better | 16GB RAM | 256GB ssd drive
For a correct user experience, please make sure your computer meets the above requirements.
Some functions may not work properly with lower hardware specifications.

Edison Creators Terms and Conditions
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